Florida Divorce and Communicating with Your Child

Florida Family Law has a new requirement for a Florida Parenting Plan for any divorce involving children. As a Florida Family Law attorney, I think this is a great way for parents to put the children first in their divorce. However, it’s just as important to communicate with your children when you’re going through a divorce.
We all think that divorce or issues involving our kids is an “adult” issue. The truth is that children feel the affects from beginning to end. As much as divorce may have impacted your life, their life is impacted even more. During a divorce, it is important to keep an open line of communication with your children. Remind them that this is not their fault, remind them that you are both their parents regardless of what mom and dad decide to do. Remind your children that they will still see the other parent.
Think of divorce as a way to learn new communication skills with not only your soon to be ex-spouse, but your children too.
Intentional conversation, open conversation, can make the difference for you and the children. Do not be afraid to let them in, just do not use the opportunity to put the other parent down. Open communication does not equal negative communication. The trick is to remain positive, but realistic. Do not promise things that you cannot deliver, simply let them know what is happening and how things will change, but also how some things will stay the same.
The boxing gloves, while they should never be put on, should be reserved for the attorneys and the other parent, NOT the children.

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