Jacksonville Visitation and Family Law Attorney Featured in Florida Times Union

In a Florida Times Union article this week, summer visitation/timesharing was a topic of the article, ” ‘Summer switch’ under way for divorced parents, kids“, which quoted our attorney, Lenorae C. Atter, on the ins and outs of summer timseharing.
The article focused on the changes for both the children and the parents during the summer months, when visitation alternates from weekends to six (6) week visitation/timesharing. Lenorae Atter added to the article her thoughts on the matter stating, “Atter did the summer switch herself as a child and said problems can arise when kids want to go to camp or other activities in the summer, which can lead parents to feel like “their time” is being infringed upon.” She went onto include that timesharing plans and parenting plans work to assist the parties in better communicating with each other and taking the children’s interests into consideration as they get older.
Timesharing and parenting plans have been in effect since October 1, 2008, and they are helping parents put the children’s needs first in the divorce. A great first step in the way we handle visitation in the future.
Lenorae Atter’s reference to “sit back and enjoy the ride” truly is a motto for parents and children to benefit from in the annual time exchange.

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