South Carolina First Lady, Jenny Sanford, Files for Divorce

StateLaw.jpgLast June, South Carolina Governor Jim Sanford made national headlines when he took off for a secret rendezvous with his Argentinean mistress while telling staff he was hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. His wife of twenty years, Jenny Sanford, reports that she has actually been aware of the affair since last January, when she discovered a letter her husband had written to his mistress. Sanford then repeatedly asked his wife for permission to visit the other woman in Argentina.

After many attempts at reconciliation, Ms. Sanford finally filed for divorce. Her decision came just days after the state senate nearly recommended the removal of her husband from office for the clandestine trip, and just one day after Sanford told reporters he hoped they could reconcile. Ms. Sanford has said that she will work hard to keep the divorce civil for their entire family, which includes four school age sons.

When a partner cheats, it can be absolutely devastating to a marriage, especially when the indiscretion is so public. For the wronged partner, the decision is complicated by feelings of not wanting to look like a fool in front of the public. For Ms. Sanford’s part, she has said that her husband’s actions reflect poorly on him and that they have not damaged her self esteem. Sanford will be the first South Carolina governor to divorce while in office. Find out more about the Sanfords’ divorce and the events leading up to it at SC first lady wants divorce in wake of affair.

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