Slinging Mud In Divorce In Florida: What Is It Worth?

by Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

In my family law practice in Jacksonville, Florida, where I have been practicing for almost 10 years, I see so many casualties of divorce especially when there are children involved. More often than not, the parties are so hurt that they each start the mud slinging and accusations that make the matter even that much more hurtful. I marvel sometimes when I’m sitting in the courtroom and see what was once a most beloved sitting across from one another glaring at each other as now mortal enemies. When children are involved, emotional issues are inherently a part of the dissolution process such as custody, child support, visitation or timesharing and parental responsibility. As a divorce lawyer, my job is to help parties to reach livable, practical solutions while protecting the interests of my client. In doing so, I do not condone mud-slinging simply for the purpose of “getting even” with or “punishing” the other side just to help my client feel better. I have seen that without making mountains out of mole-hills that once the parties begin to heal there can usually be some level of civility in order to build a relationship as mother and father in the future instead of husband and wife. If you need counseling regarding issues involving a divorce action, please call our firm for expert advice and how to protect your interests and on how to cope with the process.

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