Parenting Coordination: An Emerging Practice Area


When you are facing a divorce in Jacksonville, Florida, there are many issues that must be resolved in order to obtain a final decree of divorce. The issues may include enforcement of a premarital agreement, division of property and debts, and alimony. For families that involve children, the most controversial issues that must be resolved are child support, custody, and visitation issues. The issues surrounding the decision making of children are not easily resolved, and often results in conflict between the parents.

During a high conflict divorce, Jacksonville parents can use the help of a parenting coordinator to help make amicable decisions regarding the care of their children. A parenting coordinator is an impartial third person who is usually a trained mental health or legal professional with experience in mediation. The role of a parenting coordinator is to create appropriate parenting plans; resolve ongoing conflicts between co-parents; monitor parental behavior; and with the approval of the parties and the court, make temporary decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract. The Parenting Coordinator is usually appointed by the Court and with the consent of the parents. Parents may also volunteer to utilize the services of a parenting coordinator voluntarily. Parenting Coordinator is not appropriate, and will not be assigned to families with a history of domestic violence.

More than one million children each year experience the harsh realities of divorce and family separation. It is the actions that parents take during and after a divorce that determine how a child will be affected. For more information on parenting coordination, see Parenting Coordination Central. The guidelines for parenting coordination are set forth in Florida Statute 61.125.

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