Moms vs. Dads in the Courtroom: Florida Divorce and Custody

1174492_silhouette.jpgAs a divorce and family law attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, I am aware that even in today’s world, custody battles still have judicial biases. As an attorney who represents both men and women, moms and dads, I am disturbed by this court bias that exists. In determining custody, the judge is supposed to look at which parent is most likely going to foster a caring, loving and affectionate relationship between the child and the other parent. In addtion, it is important for the custodial or primary parent to work with the other regarding visitation or timesharing. However, in many cases the court can be given all inforamtion showing that the father is the right parent to provide these things and the mother is actually not fostering the relationship with the other parent, but the judge will still name the mother the primary residential parent.
I am shocked by the idea that one gender can still be given more weight than the other in a modern day judicial system. For the benefit and justice of the child, this prejudice seems unfair and archaic. So, how does one combat it? Truthfully, there is no silver bullet, simply evidence. The more you have on your side the better your case. However, the bias remains true and fast in today’s world and it is one that can really only be corrected, in time, by the general public’s involvment in the judicial campaigns in their area and state.

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