Memoir of a Divorced Father Helps Families Deal with Divorce


Studies have shown that fifty percent of children of divorce in Florida and nationwide have problems later in life that are related to their parents’ split. Author Tony Rassini has just released a new book, entitled “Dad, It’s Time to Tell the Truth!” Discover what happens when two parents hate each other more than they love their kids, which he wrote partly to help his son deal with the aftermath of his own “ugly” divorce.

The book is written as a memoir, and follows Rassini’s attempts to be a good father to his four children during and after his bitter divorce. He documents his interactions with lawyers, doctors, and the courts, and looks at how all of these interactions affected his children. In the end Rassini realized that the only thing he had to give his son was the truth.

Divorce is a difficult time for both adults and children. Being age-appropriately open and honest with all family members is the best way to smooth over hard feelings and ensure that all parties can get on with their lives without any lasting scars. Reading about Rassini’s journey can help others going through divorce realize that they are not alone. One of the most important factors in the divorce process is having a family law attorney who will advocate on your behalf while also knowing how to avoid needless litigation which ultimately costs you extensive amounts of money and possibly the respect of your family members.

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You can read excerpts from the book at Father Loses it All and Mends Relationships with His Children.

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