Florida’s Residency Requirements – Divorce, Child Support and Timesharing

Filing for divorce, child support or timesharing modifications in Florida require that you be a resident of the state. Residency is determined based on Florida Statute 61.021, which requires that an individual be a resident of Florida for at least six (6) months prior to filing an action within the State Court.
Residency can be determined by a number of factors, the most common of which is your drivers license. If you have moved to Florida, make certain to get your new drivers license immediately, so that you can prove your residency when the time comes.
Another way to prove residency is by providing a lease agreement, utility bills, or by having an affidavit signed by a neutral third party that can verify you have lived in the State for the required period of time.
There are emergency situations that can provide access to the Court without meeting the residency requirements, but meeting those requirements can be challenging.
If you have just moved to the State and are in need of any family law services (divorce, child support modification, etc.), upon consulting with an attorney be certain to let him know when you moved to the State. That way you are getting the most accurate information at the beginning.

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