Laid Off Florida Dad Left with $200 Per Month After Child Support Payments Were Increased by Court

MoneyvLove.jpgWhen John Nelson of Orlando Florida was making six figures as a software executive, it was no struggle for him to pay $2200 a month in child support to his ex-wife. But when he got laid off and couldn’t find work, the story was different. He filed for a reduction in his support payments, but had to wait nearly a year to get to court – and he was required to keep paying the support while he waited for his case to come up.

By the time his case was heard, Nelson had found a job as a high school science teacher, making significantly less than at his previous job. He was astounded when Family law Judge Julian Piggotte not only denied his request to lower his payment, but actually raised his responsibility by $300 a month – leaving him just $58 a week to live on. The judge then recused herself from the case because her husband is a coworker of Nelson’s ex-wife. Nelson sold his house and moved to Georgia to look for a better paying job. While he may be able to afford the large child support payments, he will be living father away from his kids. Find out more about this topic at Many Dads Asking For Changes In Child Support.

When a parent loses a job, the children still need food, clothing and medical care among other things. Courts make child support decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child, not of the parents. If you are involved in a divorce or child support issue, please contact our firm for expert legal counsel.

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