How Florida Treats International Adoptions

Adoption.jpgThe international adoption process is complex and fraught with hazards, as evidenced by even celebrities like Madonna who have all the legal and financial resources at her command, but nevertheless encountered a number of problems adopting her son from Malawi.

Couples who have grown increasingly frustrated with the adoption process in the U.S. often believe that it is much easier to adopt overseas, but this is not necessarily always the case. Each country has different laws governing adoption, and non-citizens seeking to adopt must strictly adhere to those laws.

Some countries have lengthy residency requirements, so it is best to do your research prior to choosing a country for a potential adoption. It is unlikely that many Americans would want to spend a year or more living overseas, especially in third world nations where the living standards are startlingly different.

Florida couples who adopt overseas needs to know that Florida courts will recognize those adoptions, but there is a process involved in making that happen. You will need to petition the court to recognize the final adoption order from the foreign entity so citizenship does not become an issue.

Before you adopt overseas, be sure to consult with a Florida family law attorney to ensure you meet all the state’s requirements and that there are no legal issues to hamper your adoption.

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