Healthy Mind and Body During Your Divorce Mediation is Imporant

Written By: Lenorae C. Atter, Attorney
Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

1167888_tea.jpgMental and physical illnesses are often prevalent issues in divorces. A divorce, even for two healthy and fit individuals can be stressful, so the impact is even greater on those that are not.

In Florida, you are required to attend mediation where your case may be settled without the need for a trial. Since mediation is an opportunity for you to have some control over the outcome of your case you want to be able to enter it at your best. If you suffer from any illness, whether emotional or physical, and you have medication, be certain to take your proper medications the night before and day of mediation so that you can feel your best during the proceedings.

Prior to mediation, be sure to talk to your attorney about any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, if you have a therapist or mental health counselor, you may want to schedule an appointment before mediation and for the day following since your stress levels will most likely be higher than usual that week. If you suffer from physical health issues it may be helpful to schedule an appointment with your doctor that week to make certain you have the correct medications and therapies set up in case you experience any exacerbation due to stress.

A divorce can be challenging to get through and it is important to keep your health up. It is also helpful to speak with an experienced lawyer to help walk you through the process so that you are not surprised by any new things.

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