Guardian and Stepparent Adoption: Florida Family Law

Written By: Lenorae Atter, Jacksonville Family Law Attorney
Stepparent and Guardianship adoptions in Florida are a growing interest and as a Jacksonville family law attorney, I find the statute only gets the process so far. In handling the adoption, there are many different ways for issues to arise and it is helpful to have someone on your side to walk you through the process.
Nuances have been created throughout the years, not by Florida Statute, but by continuous case law. When dealing with adoption, the last thing a party wants is for someone to be able to come back into the picture claiming to have rights to the child. If you are interested in pursuing an adoption of your stepchild or you are currently the legal guardian for a child and would like to adopt, I advise you to at least consult with an attorney on the matter. Protect the child from the beginning, so no one rears their head in a couple years claiming that the adoption was not done correctly.

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