Florida Project Documents Voices of Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Florida.jpgThe Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) recently completed a project intended to ensure that the voices of domestic violence sufferers remain central to their work. The project was designed to capture the insight provided by survivors in order to improve the efficacy of the Battered Women’s Movement. FCADV is dedicated to giving a voice to survivors of domestic abuse, so that they can share their stories and pass on lessons they have learned.

For the project, FCADV advocates interviewed numerous abuse survivors and advocates across Florida, including Jacksonville divorce attorneys. They have published a report with the substance of what they learned. The report includes stories from 106 females and one male victim of domestic violence. The participants were fairly evenly mixed as far as the types of communities they lived in and their ages. The majority of respondents had children living in their homes. Only 18% of respondents were employed full time.

The project revealed that the two most pressing needs of survivors are for affordable housing and for a more sensitive justice system, including better educated and fairer judges, family law attorneys, law enforcement and prosecution. The next two most pressing concerns were for jobs and affordable childcare. To read the full report, visit Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Survivor Listening Project Report.

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