Florida Divorce Law: The Division of Complex Assets

Arguejpg.jpgIn Florida divorce, some marital assets can present a bigger challenge when it comes to determining how they are divided. For example, traditional pension plans cannot usually be divided immediately, and divorcing spouses who have executive pay packages that may involve contingency benefits like deferred stock options can complicate the asset division process.

A Florida divorce attorney with access to the right financial resources can assist you when it comes to complex asset division. Using professionals like forensic accountants and business valuators can help identify the true value of marital assets and debts.

For example, if a spouse has a traditional pension plan that cannot be divided until they reach retirement age, your Florida divorce lawyer will likely recommend a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) that will outline how this asset will be divided once it becomes available.

If a spouse owns a business or professional partnership, a business valuator can help determine the true value of the business, which includes not only the assets on hand but also goodwill.

In addition, if an asset one spouse owned prior to the marriage has appreciated in value during the marriage, the value may also be considered a marital asset. And if a separate asset was used by both spouses during the marriage, it may be considered a marital asset as well.

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