Florida Divorce: How to Enjoy Father’s Day as a Divorced Dad

MissingChild.jpg Father’s Day can be a tough holiday for many divorced dads, especially in the first year following a divorce. But as the family starts to adjust to a new way of life, there are things that divorced dads can do to make it easier on everyone, especially themselves:

Plan Ahead – Be sure to plan any outings in advance and be sure your ex-wife is aware of those plans. You can avoid a lot of confusion and hurt feelings by doing a little advanced planning. Be sure to include your kids in the planning as well.

Be Generous With Your Time – Many divorced fathers feel they must compensate their children with gifts and money for the pain a divorce may have caused them. Don’t make this mistake. Your children want your time more than anything.

Put Your Kids’ Needs First – Putting the needs of your children first may mean you need to be more flexible than in the past. If your child feels more comfortable spending a holiday “at home” with your ex, you should try to accommodate their wishes, even if it conflicts with “your time”.

Be Creative — What used to be one birthday celebration now may be two – and usually kids don’t mind that at all! Planning two birthday parties or outings can be a lot of fun for your children, and lets them know their special day is special to each parent as well.

Create New Traditions – While you may be tempted to duplicate what you’ve “always done” for holidays or special occasions, you should consider creating new traditions that reflect your new family structure.

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