Florida Divorce: How Long Do I Have to be Married to Get Alimony?

1169459_money_or_mariage_3.jpgAlimony in Florida is based on a number of factors, including the length of the marriage. A party qualifies for alimony based on the length of the marriage, the need, and the other party’s ability to pay alimony.

The Florida legislature recently defined what a short-term marriage, moderate-term marriage and long-term marriage consist of in terms of years. This is helpful in determining which type of alimony may be awarded. In Florida, the length of the marriage is determined from the date of the marriage until the filing for the divorce.
According to Florida Statute 61.08(4), the Florida legislature has defined the length of marriage, which is a rebuttable (i.e. arguable) presumption, as follows:

1. Short–Term Marriage is a marriage duration of less than 7 years;
2. Moderate-Term Marriage is one having a duration of more than 7 years and less than 17 years;
3. Long-Term Marriage is of a duration of 17 years or more.

You should speak with a Florida divorce lawyer to better understand your rights and options in a Florida divorce.

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