Florid Divorce: Can I Get Alimony if I Have Not Been Married Long and What is Bridge the Gap Alimony?

1356646_romantic_bridge_in_the_fog.jpgAlimony is often the mind of those going through a divorce in Florida. During a marriage, there is often give and take from both sides and sometimes there is an agreement for one party to work while the other stay home or one party to be the primary breadwinner while the other party may contribute a portion of the household income. However, when the marriage dissolves, the agreements of the parties during the marriage may impact the outcome of the divorce and bring claim to alimony as a result. Florida alimony is designed to help keep the parties in a position where they may have a similar lifestyle to that established during the marriage; however, that determination is based on a number of factors including the length of the marriage, contribution to the marriage, etc. Also, alimony can be awarded in different forms: bridge the gap; rehabilitative; permanent periodic; permanent; or lump sum.

Bridge the gap alimony is defined by Florida Statute 61.08(5) and may be awarded in order to provide support for a party to transition from married to single life. It is designed to help with the short-term needs of the party and it can be awarded for up to two years and is not modifiable, but is terminated if the receiving party marries or the paying party dies. This is typically awarded in short-term marriages, those lasting less than 7 years.

A family law attorney can help you with your divorce and questions related to alimony, divorce, visitation issues, etc.

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