Florida Divorce Common Myth of Counseling

Florida divorce myths and realities can be difficult to separate when emotions are involved. This week on this blog we will be looking into them and what the truth is behind the myth. The myths we most commonly hear as divorce lawyers are the following:

1. Divorce counseling is needed before you can get divorced.
2. It matters if I or my spouse had an affair.
3. Alimony is involved in every case.

The reality is that counseling will be asked of you at the final hearing for your divorce. Typically the Judge will ask, “Have you and your spouse gone through any type of counseling?”, if not, then the next question is, “If I ordered counseling do you feel it would change the status of your marriage?” If the answer is, “no,” then the Judge does not order marriage counseling. If the answer is, “yes,” then welcome to the world of counseling to see if your marriage can be reconciled. This, however, does not dismiss your divorce claim and it does not take you back to step one. It simply puts the case on hold for the length of counseling to determine if reconciliation is possible.

The reason that people often think that it is a requirement in Florida is due to two possible reasons, the first being the question being asked and the second is knowing someone that has opted for counseling that cannot pursue their divorce until counseling has been attempted. It is important to remember that people often talk about what they have been through, but their perception is different due to the emotional charge of the situation. If you are seeking a divorce, be certain to ask an attorney all of your questions and concerns because stopping the fear is essential to moving forward in the right frame of mind.

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