Florida Couples Try to Sway Divorce Proceedings with Evidence from Facebook

Facebook.jpgWhat eHarmony is to dating and marriage, Facebook is becoming for divorce. According to a recent article on Florida divorces, Facebook provides Florida spouses with fertile ground for rekindling old flames and posting all sorts of self-incriminating evidence for the rest of the world to see. It also provides a public soapbox for couples to air their dirty laundry.

Once one partner posts something nasty, the other can’t help but respond and then a tiff turns into all out war. Experts predict that the public meltdown of marriage and relationships will only increase as the YouTube generation starts to marry – and divorce.

A survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that more than 80% of divorce attorneys have dealt with a divorce that involved Facebook. MySpace and Twitter were also mentioned. The social media phenomenon is actually helping divorce attorneys gather evidence for their clients. Now instead of hiring private investigators, they can simply log on and capture screen images of the other spouse’s social media accounts.

One Florida woman recently lost her hard-won broad custody of her child after posting suggestive photos of herself out drinking with the caption “Precursor to a DUI?”

Because Florida divorce cases are decided by a judge, scandalous photos are less likely to sway opinion than in a jury case. Also, Florida law is focused on moving forward, not dwelling on past mistakes, and encourages shared child custody. That still doesn’t stop feuding couples from gathering all the ammunition they can online and taking it to court. Read more about how social media sites like Facebook are affecting Florida divorces at Facebook plus divorce equals flammable situation.

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