Florid Divorce: What Kind Of Alimony Can Be Awarded in Florida?

456727_basket_mail.jpgDivorce often comes with concerns for alimony; the concerns are for paying alimony and qualifying for alimony. In Florida, divorce and alimony are controlled by statute. Statutes determine the law associated with everything from qualifying for alimony to how the alimony will be paid.

Florida alimony is determined by the court and can awarded in the following ways F.S. 68.01(1):
1. Bridge-the-gap: this is for a term to help the needing party get from married to single life;
2. Rehabilitative: designed to provide support to the needing party to finish his/her degree, get work training (i.e. computer training), or any other trade that the individual may need help with in order to procure a job/career;
3. Durational: meaning support is determined for a fixed period of time; or
4. Permanent: meaning that support is necessary forever to keep the needing party in a similar lifestyle to that developed in the marriage.

The type of alimony awarded by the court is based on a number of different factors. The court may consider the adultery of either party in determining the amount to award in alimony. However, the court must find facts in the case to support the award or denial of alimony.

A Florida divorce lawyer can help determine whether your case will involve alimony.

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