Florida Divorce and Custody: How Does Florida Define a Parenting Plan?

1076818_folded_map.jpgDivorce and custody battles can put a strain on a family, especially the children. Florida divorce and custody laws provide provisions that are designed to make the battle easier on the family by keeping the children in the forefront. To that end, Florida laws have changed in the last few years to include name changes, such as time-sharing instead of custody/visitation and the development of a parenting plan to help parents think through the issues that may arise for the child.

Florida Statute 61.046(14)defines the parenting plan as, “…a document created to govern the relationship between the parents relating to decisions that must be made regarding the minor child and must contain a time-sharing schedule for the parents and child. The issues concerning the minor child may include, but are not limited to, the child’s education, health care, and physical, social, and emotional well-being. In creating the plan, all circumstances between the parents, including their historic relationship, domestic violence, and other factors must be taken into consideration.” The idea is make the parents and the court aware of issues that have existed and may exist in the future while trying to raise a child separately.

Each family is different, so you should speak with a Florida family law attorney regarding your case.

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