Florida Divorce and Hiring a Lawyer

Written By: Lenorae C. Atter, Florida Family Law Attorney

In a Florida divorce you have to choose whether to hire a lawyer. The divorce and hiring a lawyer can be expensive and you have to determine if it is worth the money. As a Jacksonville, Florida divorce attorney, I find a lot of clients asking this questions. It is one I cannot answer for you, but I can give you the answer I feel explains it best.
If you are going through a divorce, then you at some point, have been emotionally involved in a relationship that you are now trying to end. Divorce is not without emotions and often our emotions and rational thought do not go together. What often happens is that one party may get a lawyer and the other does not and the unrepresented party tries to remain reasonable and understanding to the needs of the spouse. The represented party has someone by their side that is helping decide what is reasonable and what is in their client’s best interest.
The reason that I feel it important to have an attorney working for you is that we (lawyers) are not emotionally connected to your divorce, so we can remain objective throughout the process. We can help you better understand where you should give in and where you should stand firm. My reason for this is not self motivated, but truly because if I were in your shoes, I would want someone removed from my situation to help me have a firmer, more objective approach because I know that my emotional decisions have historically not been my better ones.
If you are on the fence regarding hiring an attorney, it is best to meet with someone and find out your options. There are consultation fees most times, but the wedding cost a lot more than any of us are charging for a consultation fee. Your future deserves the same care and aforethought.

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