Census Data Reveals State of Divorce in America

gavel%20and%20wedding%20rings.jpgThe National Center for Marriage and Family Research has released reports on marriage and divorce, based on the latest Census Bureau American Community Survey. And, for the first time ever, individuals aged 25-34 who have never married now outnumber those who have married.

The research on first divorces in the U.S. in 2008 found:

• About half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce – a statistic that has been relatively stable for the past 20 years.
• Women in their first marriages had a 30 percent lower divorce rate than remarried women.
• In 2008 there were more first marriages than first divorces. The ratio of first marriages to first divorces was 1.74 nationally and 1.55 in Florida.
• African-American women had the highest rate of first divorce – more than twice the rate of Whites and Asians.
• The rate of first divorce was lowest among Asian-Americans.
• African-American women had the fewest marriages of all never-married women; Asian-Americans had the most marriages.
• States with the highest rate of first divorce are predominantly found in the South; those with the lowest rate of first divorce are in the Midwest.

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