Baseball Star’s Wife Accuses Him Of Exposing Her to HIV in Divorce Suit

concept%20of%20divorce.jpgThe wife of former baseball star Roberto Alomar has filed for divorce in Tampa and accuses him of knowingly exposing her to the AIDS virus.

According to a Florida divorce court filing, Maripily Rivera Alomar says that Alomar had unprotected sex with her even though he knew he was HIV-positive, and lied to her about having tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases prior to their first sexual contact.

This is the second time Alomar has been accused of exposing a partner to HIV. He was sued by a former girlfriend last year who claimed that Alomar had AIDS but encouraged her to have unprotected sex with him. The case was settled in May. At the time of the suit, Maripily Rivera was his girlfriend and defended him vigorously, saying that the story of Alomar’s AIDS diagnosis was “a vile lie.”

Her Florida divorce filing says that after they were married in 2009, she discovered that he was HIV-positive. Her filing says she would not have married him if she had known he was HIV-positive.

The filing also notes that while Maripily has not yet been infected with HIV, “uncertainty still exists due to the delay in the onset of the virus.”

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