Affair of Oracle President, Charles Phillips, Revealed by Strange Birthday Present from Mistress

Oracle President Charles Phillips was involved with a woman named YaVaughnie Wilkins for eight and a half years during his marriage to his wife, Karen Phillips. Ms. Wilkins reports that she believed Phillips was separated and then divorced from his wife during their relationship, until she received an anonymous email tip telling her that Phillips was still married. She then decided to hire a private investigator, who confirmed that Phillips was indeed married. She then ended the relationship.

But in an unusual move, she presented Phillips with a 50th birthday present; enormous billboards of the couple plastered in Times Square, San Francisco and Atlanta. The billboards featured a large picture of the couple with their arms around each other, and direct viewers to a website documenting the couple’s eight year relationship in pictures. Ms. Wilkins claims that the billboards were a sincere gift, and not an act of revenge.

Phillips and his wife remain married and have a son together. See the billboards and read more details of the story at Outed by billboards, Oracle prez admits affair.

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