Florida Divorce and Using the Right Tool to Protect Your Kids From the Fight

In Florida, going through a divorce involving children can be difficult on the parents and children alike. In determining where the children are going to live, often the parents have to put their wants and wishes to the side and consider the best place for the child. If the parents are unable to agree, then a Social Investigation may be necessary to determine the time-sharing (custody/visitation) and parenting plan to be used once the divorce is final. This is a helpful tool because it takes the arguing away from the parents and places it with a neutral third party, therefore, protecting the kids from a fight.
A Social Investigation in a divorce, is typically done by a non-related, neutral third party that is familiar with such situations and can determine the best time-sharing (visitation) schedule and parenting plan for the children. Sometimes these investigations are done by a licensed psychologist or mental health therapist. The individual chosen, generally agreed upon by both spouses, actually speaks with the mother, father and children to find out what the relationships and the structure of the home are like.
The evaluation is designed to help the Judge assess the family situation and what is in the best interest of the children. It is a helpful tool because it takes the fight away from the parties and places the matters in a professional’s hands.

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