What Are The Requirements For a Change of Custody of a Child in a Florida Custody Fight After Divorce ?


First, it is no longer called child custody but “timeshare”. Each parent is entitled to a share of the child/children’s time. Usually, one parent has the majority share in order to provide stability to the minor children instead of bouncing day to day or week to week between homes after divorce.

There has to be a distinct change of circumstances in one or both parents that affect the best interest of the minor child/children. An example of a significant change in circumstances would be that major timeshare parent has a severe job schedule change. Another significant change may be that a parent was arrested for a felony. Another example would be that the children are suffering some developmental emotional growth problem because of the behavior of that parent. Is the child suddenly doing poorly in school because of activities at home ? Does the former spouse have a new mate that is abusive to the child ?

Always, the underlying theme or question is “what is in the best interest of the minor child?” A change of mind by the minority timeshare parent after the final judgment of dissolution of marriage is just not enough.

If you feel that there has been some change in circumstances concerning the custody / timshare plan involving your child that requires legal representation fron a Florida Family Law Attorney, contact Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A., to discuss this matter with our family law attorneys

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