See Your Children During a Holiday After a Divorce Can Be Challenging

Written By: Lenorae C. Atter, Attorney
Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

1327447_fireworks_5_1.jpgHoliday Visitation can be challenging when going through a divorce and sometimes even after the divorce is over. Emotions are often heightened during a holiday so rational negotiations can be a challenge. If necessary, you may seek help from a third party such as a mediator or lawyer to reach an amicable resolution.

When establishing a timesharing plan, it is important to first think in terms of the needs of the children such as their school schedule, sports schedule and the like. Once you know those perimeters be fair to the other parent by truly thinking about what holidays and events are most important to you and your extended family. That may help you to establish a Timesharing plan that is workable now and in the future.

When establishing a parenting a d timeshare plan it is good to speak with a family law attorney to help explain your rights and options.

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