Protecting Your Financial Future in Florida After Divorce!


by Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

Recently I represented a woman in a divorce action in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, in a 13 year marriage. The woman did not work throughout the marriage but she did have a college degree and had worked prior to the marriage. She was a candidate for alimony but what type? Florida has basically 3 types of alimony that are permanent, rehabilitative and bridge the gap. Florida deems 13 years in a marriage a “gray area” marriage where the court COULD award permanent alimony depending on many other factors. Normally the duration of rehabilitative alimony is 3 to 5 years at the most and bridge the gap alimony is for bridging the gap between married life and single life. We were able to get our client an award of rehabilitative alimony for a duration of ten (10) years which is an excellent result for protecting our client’s financial future post divorce. If you need help with a divorce or with protecting your financial future after divorce, please call our firm for expert advice and help.

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