Florida Prenuptial Agreement: How To Value Assets and Why

1345271_flores__flowers.jpgPlanning for Florida divorce before your marriage can be difficult emotionally. When deciding to use a prenuptial agreement it is important to understand that you are planning for your life together in a way that helps divide assets before and during the marriage.

Separating assets, especially if you marry later in life, can be important if you both feel that your stuff should be yours and not your spouse’s upon marriage. However, it also means that you have to think differently when entering the marriage because you do not want to use marital funds in premarital (non-marital) accounts because it mucks the water if anything were to divide you later. Non-marital assets are those things that have been purchased prior to the date of marriage, including homes, stocks, etc. However, if you use marital funds (income to you or your spouse) to increase the value of those assets, then the increased value may be considered a marital asset. When creating a prenuptial agreement it is important to know “today’s” value of the assets so you have a reference point of premarital value and marital value if the marriage were to dissolve.

If you are interested in a prenuptial agreement, you should speak with a family law attorney to understand your rights and options and how to set-up the agreement in the best possible way.

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