List of Florida Custody Do’s and Don’ts

DivorceWar.jpgIf it looks like you could be involved in a child custody battle as part of your divorce, here are some things to consider that will help your divorce lawyer be able to present your story in the best light:

No Serious Dating. Obviously you are entitled to a social life, but engaging in an active dating life or having a significant other in the picture while undergoing a divorce is never a good idea. It is especially unwise to introduce your dates or significant other to your children. And you should be aware that if you plan to lavish gifts on your new paramour before your divorce is final, you will be spending marital funds and your ex will be entitled to reimbursement.

No Badmouthing the Other Parent. “Parental alienation” is a hot topic in family law cases around the country. Basically, parental alienation is when one parent attempts to negatively influence their children about the other parent. This is a big mistake – not just for the sake of the children, but because the courts frown heavily on this behavior.

Keep Lines of Communication Open. Set time aside each day for your child to be able to speak with the other parent, either by phone or computer. Do not hang around to eavesdrop on the conversation. This will show the court you are willing to help your child maintain a good relationship with the other parent.

Share Information About Your Child. Keep the other parent informed about medical or school issues and let them know when there are important activities they should attend to support your child.

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