Israeli Man Breaks Record For Highest Number of Divorces

GoldMedal.jpgA Jewish Israeli man recently broke the country’s record for the highest number of divorces – again. Previously, the record for the most number of divorces for one person was seven. This unnamed man has now been divorced eleven times. He reportedly told the Rabbinical court that he usually divorces his wives after two years and remarries as soon as possible. He appears to be addicted to the “experience” of meeting and courting a new wife.

The man reports that he has never experienced any difficulty in finding a new wife, and he has never paid any alimony or child support, even though he has been ordered to do so. His most recent ex-wife claims that he never worked while they were married, living off of her earnings and running up a large debt. The Rabbis did praise the man for going through all the appropriate religious procedures for getting a divorce, including issuing his wife a Get. He plans to remarry. Find out more about his marriage plans at Record 11th divorce granted to Jewish Israeli man.

Marriage is a serious commitment and divorce is a painful and difficult experience. It is strange and sad that this man takes it so lightly. If you are considering divorce, please contact our firm to discuss your case with a Florida Family Law Attorney.

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