I Want to Change My Child’s Lastname: Florida Name Change

Driver-License-Card.jpgA Florida name change of a minor child can be challenging if both parents are not present in the child’s life. Name changes are often requested so that the child bares the name of a parent, especially when one of the parents is absent. If both parents share parental rights, then a name change requires both parents to consent to the change. However, in order to change a name a petition for change of name must be filed with the court and it can then be served on the other parent.

In the event the other parent cannot be found, or the other parent is no longer a resident, then the petition may be served by publication. If there is no response to the service, either actual or constructive (published), then the other parent would be in default and the name change may occur without actual consent, but implied consent by the inaction.

If you are interested in changing your child’s name then you should speak with a family law attorney about your rights and options.

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