How to Hire a Good Florida Divorce Lawyer

Telescope.jpgBefore beginning – or replying to – any divorce action, people want to know how to find a good divorce lawyer. Rather than just hitting the Yellow Pages, you should consider asking friends or family members who’ve gone through a divorce to make recommendations, do some online research of divorce attorneys in your area and arrange to meet with several different divorce lawyers to see who would be the right fit for you and your circumstances.

As a general rule, you want to find a divorce lawyer who is:

A good listener – someone you can speak with frankly and confidentially and feel you can trust. Someone who returns your calls and keeps you up to date on your case.

A good problem-solver – someone who is willing to negotiate when it makes sense for you and who can structure a well-thought-out strategy for your case.

A good communicator – someone who keeps you informed every step of the way and encourages your involvement in your own case.

An experienced divorce attorney – someone who has a good track record in family law, who is respected by other attorneys and judges.

Divorce is a tough process – be sure you have the right partner going in, and you’ll fare better coming out.

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