How Much Does A Florida Divorce Cost? 1


One of the primary concerns for couples considering a divorce in Florida is the potential costs. In light of the poor economy this is a very valid concern for many Florida couples. If you decide to file for divorce your filing fee is going to be right around $400. You will also need to have a summons issued and served on your spouse by the sheriff or a process server, which will cost around $50. You can pickup all of the required forms at the clerk’s office for about $20 or you can go online and print them for free. There are a number of Attorneys in Florida who will review your forms for you to ensure they are filled out correctly for around $150-$500 depending on the attorney. If all goes well you can get divorced for right around $600.

However, divorces rarely proceed without a few bumps in the road. That is why people hire Florida Family Law Attorneys. In addition, the Florida rules of civil procedure and family law rules are confusing for most people. It is beneficial to have an attorney explain the dissolution process in depth so you will understand your rights and develop the best course of action to guarantee your rights are protected. The average retainer for family law attorneys in Florida to handle a dissolution of marriage is anywhere between $3,000 to $5,500 depending on the issues involved in your case any the potential issues the attorney may spot after an initial consultation. In some cases there are couples who have worked out most of the divorce issues prior to consulting with an attorney and they simply want the attorney to help them through the process and finalize everything in accordance with Florida law. This is generally what is considered an uncontested divorce. Depending on the attorney you may be able to get by with a retainer of only $1,500 to $2,000. Keep in mind though that even uncontested divorces can become contested while going through the process if one of the parties changes their mind about the issues involved. In that case your legal fees will increase.

It can be really hard to predict how much a divorce will cost before all is said and done. However, a Florida Family Law Attorney can help you understand the process better ultimately save you time, money, and an adverse judgment that may be with you for a lifetime.

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