How Does Florida Determine Child Support Payments?


Florida law requires that all divorcing couples with children have a parenting plan, which includes support obligations for both parents. How do the courts in Florida determine a parent’s child support responsibility? The formula, outlined in Florida Statute 61.30, uses the parents monthly income to figure the total child support payment amount. Then each parent is assigned a percentage of responsibility based on their income as a percentage of the total income of both parents. There are some other factors that come into play as well.

Child care: 100% of child care costs due to employment must be added to the support amount.

Health insurance: Any premiums and ongoing medical expenses not covered by insurance must be added in.

Determine the actual amount of support: Florida allows parents to increase or decrease support obligations by as much as 5% without court approval.

Adjust for overnight visits: Child support must be calculated based on the number of nights the child regularly stays with each parent.

Add a provision for terminating child support: In order to automatically end support payments when the child turns eighteen, joins the military, or other recognized events, parents must include a provision for this in the parenting plan. Otherwise the parents will have to return to court to reduce or eliminate the payments.

Consider insurance: The court may require a payer to obtain life insurance. The court cannot require disability insurance, but parents can include a provision to maintain an existing policy.

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