How are assets and money divided in a divorce in Florida ?


In Florida, marital assets divided in a divorce according to Florida Statute 61.075

How does one figure out who owns what of the marital assets? The first thing a Florida Family Law judge must do is determine what are actually marital assets. Basically, things and money acquired during the course of the marriage are assets to both the husband and wife. This includes either party’s work salary or income.

If the house was bought during the course of the marriage, it is marital property regardless whose name is on the title. There are many variations and exceptions to this rule. For example, if one person used non-marital money for the downpayment, he or she may be entitled to an offset for reimbursement in divorce.

There are many factors that apply to the Florida Statute and it can be very complicated to figure out.

Dissolution of Marriage and the division of money and property many times requires a trained and experienced divorce lawyer to assert your rights in court . Contact an experienced family law divorce attorney at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. to help you pursue your case.

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