Helpful Tips For Dividing Assets in Florida


By Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

The following are some tips to help you eliminate harming your economic interests when dividing the assets in a divorce in Florida. So many of my clients are so emotional about the divorce that they “throw in the towel” so to speak when it comes to dividing the assets. Follow these tips to keep your emotions in check and to help you look at the divorce as a business venture.

1. Be Involved. This is a time to learn about your assets and to assume responsibility for them and for your own economic interests.

2. Commit To A Budget. Be realistic about spending habits and remember that the marital finances are now financing two homes essentially.

3. Communicate. Select a financial advisor to review your assets and to help you reach a sustainable goal in the divorce.

4. Avoid Settling the Case Prematurely. Many clients just want the case to be over and they give up what they are legally entitled to just to achieve this goal. However, months down the road, they usually regret it after the emotion has settled.

5. Stress Honesty. Give an honest assessment of the way you really feel about money.

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