Follow Florida Law When Relocating With a Child

ChildofDivorce.jpgIf you are planning to relocate and have primary custody of a minor child, there are certain provisions in the Florida Domestic Law statutes you must follow.

If you and your ex have agreed upon a relocation plan, you need to submit a written agreement to the court for ratification. The agreement will spell out the consent to the relocation and a revised time-sharing plan for the other parent.

If there is not an agreement with the other parent regarding relocation, you must draw up a Petitition to Relocate and send copies via certified mail to the other parent as well as to anyone else who is entitled to access or time-sharing with the child. The Petition should include:

• The new address and contact information
• The date of the planned move
• Specific and detailed reasons for the relocation. If it is for a job and a written job offer is available, that should be attached to the petition
• Your proposal for revised access and time-sharing with the other parent and interested parties

If the other parent objects to the relocation, that objection must be made in writing and filed with the court within 20 days of receiving the Petition to Relocate. If there is no objection filed, the court will allow the relocation without the necessity of a hearing.

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