Florida Timesharing / Visitation: A Parent’s Plan or Goal?


Florida children that are the product of divorce are now a familiar with
visitation planning. Florida timesharing plans came into law in 2008 and
were introduced to help ease the need for a custodial parent to be
determined. It was also developed to keep the children’s interest in
the forefront of the divorce or child custody action. The question is, in a world not capable of consistent time management, how are the children really impacted by
this plan change?
In 2010, in Florida and throughout the US we, as a society make work more important than our kids and our health. Time
management becomes important when exercising timesharing with your
children. Calendaring your days, your child’s activities and family
gatherings/vacations. To make the judicial system work for you, manage
your time with your kids as if they are the next customer to contract
with you. You would not blow off a meeting with an investor so don’t
do it to your kids.
If you see that there is a constant issue with your timesharing plan,
then modify it. If there is a substantial change in circumsance,
modifications of your final order are allowed. Do not become a victim
or allow your child to become a victims if a poorly executed
timesharing agreement, contact an attorney regarding your options.

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