Florida Driver’s License Suspension – Failure to Pay Child Support?


In Florida, a driver’s license can be suspended through the Division of Driver’s License (Department of Highways and Motor Vehicles) when a person fails to pay a child support obligation. The procedures for suspending a driver’s license can vary if the case is being pursued by the Department of Revenue as compared to a party with or without an attorney. Pursuant to Section 322.058, Florida Statutes Suspension of Driving Privileges Due to Support Delinquency – Reinstatement, a driver’s license can be suspended when the Division of Driver’s Licenses receives notice that a person has failed to comply with a subpoena, order to appear, order to show cause or similar order.

The statute was passed a tool for those receiving child support and as a punishment for those required to pay child support. It is a tool because the suspension or threatened suspension of driving privileges often encourages the person obligated to pay the support to catch up on the payments. It is a punishment of sorts at times because the suspension does punish or take away rights from the person who fails to pay for the child support obligation.

If there is a legal issue regarding child support, alimony, divorce, driver’s license suspension or other Family Law related matters, it is important to retain the services of a Family Law Lawyer to represent your interests and rights.

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