Divorce Can Have a Positive Outcome

The dissolution of a marriage can be a frightening and stressful ordeal that many divorcing couples might not be emotionally equipped to handle on their own. Because emotions run high, even for the spouse who is seeking the break-up of the marriage, unresolved issues that led to a divorce often-times takes years to resolve. These problems are compounded when children are involved and add additional emotional issues that can led to severe complications for both parents and children. Divorce can be one of the most difficult, life altering events that can take place in a person’s life. The judicial process, once initiated can also be a daunting reality which adds to the emotional stress experienced by one or more of the spouses. The final outcome in divorce matters is usually decided by the courts if mediation does not present a remedy for the parties involved. Having an effective opportunity to resolve differences is usually not experienced during divorce proceedings without the guidance from an experienced attorney. At Wood, Atter and Wolf, we have experienced first-hand, the pain and suffering endured when clients are not guided in the right direction. We understand that unresolved issues stemming from an unsuccessful marriage can bleed over into the experience divorced couples endure after the legal issues have been resolved. We try to guide our clients towards, not only a successful outcome, but ways former spouses and children can deal with the trauma of divorce and find common ground moving forward. We find that the quicker you can put anger and unresolved issues behind, the sooner all parties will be happier and enjoy fulfilled lives again. This is why we encourage a collaboration between divorcing couples, working through their differences and trying to proceed with the interests of both parties in mind. While seeking an amicable solution, many formerly married couples can become happy singles again.

Roadblocks for Divorcing Couples

In most divorce cases, unresolved issues left on the table can feed over into post-divorce issues that complicate and exacerbate even simple matters. Just because a divorce decree has been finalized doesn’t always mean that all parties have moved on emotionally.  Especially when children are involved, parents with new co-parenting roles should try and develop a shared communication allowing parents to work together in the mutual best interest of the children. At Wood, Atter and Wolf we try and promote an ever evolving, harmonious relationship between former spouses focusing on what is truly important, the future, rather than mistakes made or regrets of the past.

Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

Michael Atter, David Wolf and Jennifer Erlinger are experienced marital and family attorneys who understand the difficulties of divorce and the positive outcomes that can be achieved if mature adults settle their differences quickly and amicably. If you are considering a divorce of your spouse or legal partner you need the advice of an experienced family law attorney who will seek a positive outcome for the clients that they serve. We take the time to listen to and understand our client’s priorities and create a working environment where former partners can resolve their differences amicably. Successful divorces are the result of parties working together for their common good. Wood, Atter and Wolf handle contested and non-contested divorce settlements, child custody, modification, alimony, paternity, adoption, military divorce, domestic violence and any family issues that arise before, during and after a settlement has been reached. Contact our Jacksonville Family Law Firm at 904-355-888 or visit us on line at WoodAtter.com to request a consultation to discuss your case and any questions you might have. Resolving legal disputes is who we are, creating satisfied clients is what we do.

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