Collaborative Law In Jacksonville, Florida: Why It’s Good For The Client

Written by Whitney R. Lonker, Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A.

Collaborative law is a relatively new area of practice in Jacksonville, Florida, that gives parties an opportunity to divorce or to settle another family law issue out of court in a private and respectful manner. The parties agree up front to forego a trial on the issues but each party has their own attorney to represent their interests in the dissolution. The parties may also employ mental health experts, financial planners and accountants depending on the issues involved in the case. The parties will have a series of short meetings with all professionals for each side present and will set goals and reach agreements in those meetings which are set at a mutually agreeable time instead of when the court sets the dates. The parties will have complete control of the process and most importantly, the outcome. The Court will only be used to finalize the agreement, if one is reached. Our firm is on the cutting edge of utilizing this area of practice in resolving family law cases in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida and the surrounding counties. If you have a family law case or issue that needs resolution, please contact our firm to discuss all options for your case.

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