Charlie Sheen’s Wife Ready to Separate after Celebrity’s Christmas Arrest

DivorceWar.jpgFamous actor Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas day for an alleged assault on his wife, Brooke Mueller. But Sheen’s manager has told reporters that the couple is working out their differences amicably and has no plans to divorce. Other sources have reported that Mueller wants a separation. She has taken out a restraining order against her husband, and was recently seen vacationing without him. But she is also reportedly under a lot of pressure to change her story of the events on Christmas day; Sheen has a lot to lose and could face prison time if convicted.

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time for couples who are already not getting along. Of course, violence is never the answer – it is a crime. Sheen is entitled to his day in court. If he is found guilty of the domestic abuse charges, his fans can only hope that he gets the counseling he needs to stop abusing his partner(s). Read more about the arrest and the conflicting stories about a possible divorce at Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Want a Divorce.

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