Bifurcation In Florida Divorce Proceedings


In recent news it has been reported that actor Kelsey Grammer is getting divorced from his wife of thirteen years, Camille. A recent development in the case is that the actor has requested a bifurcation of the trial proceedings so he can finalize the divorce as soon as possible and marry his current fiance’ Kayte Walsh. It is reported that Kelsey Grammer did not have a prenuptial agreement with his current wife and will probably have to pay her at least $50 million as part of the settlement. The couple spent their marriage in California which is a community property state. This means that the money the couple earned while they were married is to be split evenly. Apparently they earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars during the marriage from his acting career, multiple property deals, and other unknown sources. That money is subject to division according to California’s divorce laws.

I have had cases where clients will do the same thing in a Florida divorce. Often times it is for the same reason. I’m usually surprised that someone going through an expensive and litigious divorce would be willing to move so quickly into another marriage. The court, in these types of cases, will maintain jurisdiction to decide the property and support issues after the divorce is finalized. The purpose of the bifurcation is to separate the action into two separate cases so that one may be resolved quicker than the other. Often times there is no dispute that the couple wants the divorce. The more complex issue is who is entitled to what property.

I try to advise people to “slow their roll” before jumping into another marriage so quickly. At the very least get a prenuptial agreement so you don’t end up in the same position a few years later.

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