Are Disability Benefits a Marital Asset?

Disability benefits are not subject to equitable distribution. Generally future lump sum disability benefits are not considered a marital asset. However, they may be used to calculate income for purposes of alimony.

There is also some case law which states that there may be a marital component to a disability pension. To the extent that a disability pension does not represent actual compensation for a disability, it may be considered a marital asset. [Gaffney v. Gaffney, 965 So 2d 1217 (Fla 4th DCA 2007) (where the trial court made findings that the husband’s disability was not a factor in the amount of the monthly benefit he receives and the only effect of husband’s disability was that he was able to receive his retirement benefits two years early, despite its “disability pension” designation, the marital portion of husband’s pension was a marital asset subject to equitable distribution to the extent it does not represent actual compensation for disability).]

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