Adoption Approved for Gay Man in Florida

Adoption.jpgRobert Lamarche has become the fourth gay Floridian to adopt a child as the 1977 Florida law prohibiting adoption by gay men and lesbians remains under review by a Miami appeals court, according to a story in the Palm Beach Post.

Lamarche, who works at a private adoption agency in Fort Lauderdale, was approved as an adoptive parent by Broward County juvenile court Judge Hope Bristol, who said that Lamarche’s adoption of a teenage boy he has fostered for two years is in the minor’s best interest. She also wrote that the 1977 Florida law is unconstitutional, and the state is not objecting to her ruling.

Lamarche, who has a master’s degree in social work, met his adopted son four years ago, when the boy was 11 and had been moved from foster home to foster home as the result of abuse and neglect. After two years of watching the boy being moved around, Lamarche was given permission to serve as a formal mentor.

Broward attorney Robert Lynn, who has served as volunteer guardian for the boy, testified that the child had suffered at previous foster homes, but seemed to thrive with Lamarche, a licensed foster parent, and his partner. The Post quoted Lynn as saying, “The home was safe and secure…The child was very happy in the home…Lamarche and the child had developed a very good bond…He knew Lamarche was gay and he approved of the placement.”

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